Bird Languages

by Sen Wisher

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I can hear you From my window Major triad From the backyard To communicate Of course I relate Your survival It depends on Being good at song We’re not here for long Common raven Western scrub jay And the mourning dove While I’m on the floor You transcend me In the branches One day I will too I will be brand new Voice from heaven Every day now The same words for years It is all I know
Infinite repeat Infinitely me—oh And you appear I’m in holding here I am haunted By—teleprompted sigh Words in full appear I am holding here There is a force Field at my feet There is a door Here and no key Infinite repeat Infinitely me—oh And memory Images in three I immobilized Helicopter sight Birds in form appear I in holding here Infinite repeat Infinitely me—oh And you appear I’m in holding here I am haunted By—teleprompted sigh Words in full appear I am holding here There is a force Field at my feet There is a door Here and no key There is movement In stillness
O’ tumbling, gliding, guiding river O’ Willamette in a heavy fog In April O’ tumbling, gliding, guiding river And I am in a heavy fog Are you? The tree breaks the wind. Waterproof standard IPX4. The Dawning The World. The clouds. God before the truth rays. [Jehovah (Into whose ears) they pour hearsay vanities, and most of them are liars.] Turn and Grow His work is making watches [Are they the most appropriate people to receive this information?] God created the heaven and the earth. Comes in pair Nobody to bring her food.
Magic Scream 04:54
Although alone I can connect With Infinite scroll Filled with the text Of Light life Right life Rectangular movement Time spent above Circular ruins I’m a dream of Dream of Although I’m known I am projection Infinite drone Mirror and reflection Light life Right life Rectangular movement Time spent above Circular ruins I’m a dream of Dream of Something’s wrong Uh something isn’t right Someone fix this Someone make it right “Hi!” to the hopeful line Hie to the hopeful line I’m moving on I’m moving wrong I’m moving on I’m polygone
I’m gonna run again, run again, run again! But we will find (find) a way. They sat in the shade (shade) of a tree. Let me count the ways, there's one, two, three (three). You and me go round and round (and) (round). Under breath (and round and). You will find a kettle in the room (room). Mother's bird is sitting on the nest (nest). Hatch all three (three) eggs. My father's birds (birds) fly (fly) (under breath breath).
I almost lost my mind I was twenty-five I was afraid of life So I stayed inside Curled up in darker time ‘Til I felt alright Ran hard in total night Until I knew why [...] More silver on my head Where have I been led? To an adjoining zone Should not care to stop And when the cricket came Yet that pendulum Summer and winter blurred But I’m open now [...] “Red Ridge, only An hour from here.” “No, I’m not. It was within our power.” Review First Half. He did his best.
Volcano, you know me well In a moment, I could yell You’re giving your love To the lark To sing it all up To a crowd
How many times must I Die before I get right? If you open up the door You’re never leaving Never even Floral hill and river view Are where you’ll learn it Where you’ll learn to Bloom Blooming grounded Toward the light ‘bove Stems and stamens Carpel petals Pollination Through drones and wind Orchid violet I won’t die yet Though enclosed the Equinox has Found me in Eternal winter Honeycomb and hexagons I’m everywhere I’m everything now
Rhododendron 04:50
Becoming light I just might O’ sunlight I just fight When I'm trapped In tesseract I can Feel the acreage Of time beforehand And present forest O’ before this I want To be there—want To be with there I was reading ahead But the waiting is dread I was reaching what left But the waiting is death When I'm trapped In tesseract I can Feel the orbital Sing—but I can’t get Toward your chamber And forward anger Know dimensions Where she said that you [...] “From five to seven” That’s where you live, huh?
I am becoming alive… There is some kind of transcendence. When birds die, birds fall. Yes, there is some kind of seal. Because I have not called like life The D is silent Nature is good Makes one of us. The earth is one of the planets. In the past day There is no shame in it. - Naturally As I am in him. I do not know any of them. There are people who are important to me I’m not going to die! /further/further (an)/ - We don’t ever speak.
Holographic 04:47
What is all this racket Racket in my upper half Flying automatic Where I was to where I am Labyrinth holographic Telling me what I should do Little ghosts expanding They’re not going anywhere What if I could transcend Transcend present grief and pain And if I could pass through Walls that keep myself from view Labyrinth holographic High priest of good things to come Little hopes expanding I’m not going anywhere
If I talk to the night I will need some new eyes If I walk through the night I will move without sight You can be that type of night I guess You can be the something-else-than-quiet When you move If I talk to the sky Will the words cut in line If I talk to you right Will the words come in rhyme You can be that type of night I guess You can be the something-else-than-quiet When you move Solar flare O’ nightmare When you go out Solar glare So unfair That you go out
Unknown I’m at your door When we moved here Two years ago I was young And full of hope Now twenty-eight All I can say is I don’t feel at home But can we ever Know ourselves Or can we know our road Or is life just A winding case of Spiral, jetty oh’s Can I take it back ah or I Can I make it back to Eden? Can I take it back ah or I Can I make it back to Even? Give unto me the breath of life The universal sigh So I may leave the garden wall And find my other side Oh made-of-earth and marrow love Where have you gone to hide Just let me hear some other words I don’t need much time Oh known I’m at your door Do-ti-mi-re-do-ti-la-so Will you be there? Will we meet there?


Sen Wisher presents “Bird Languages,” a modern mythology that follows neighborhood birds through forest-sized feelings.

The thirteen songs therein represent three years of lessons learned in Eugene while living near Hendricks Park and going on walks along the Willamette River.

The album’s soundscape is many-feathered. Bedroom hymns at an organ slowly take flight. Frustrated drums dissolve into jubilant brass. Xeroxed harmonies appear. A viola soars above the birdsong of self-talk below. And bristling nylon strings conjure cross-stitched drones.

It's equal parts intricate vector folk, orchestral parrot pop, chirp-rock and eagle-eye’d-power-trance. But you could just as easily mistake it for radio interference from the aviary just down the street.


released November 23, 2018


Ben Swisher —

Vocals, electric guitar (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12), pentatonic guitar (11), bowed and plucked banjo (3, 5, 10), pump organ (1, 7), electric organ (11), guitar feedback (1), recorder (13) and clapping (4, 5, 10).

Sophie Blair —

Bowed and plucked viola (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 13).

Bly Wallentine —

Vocals (2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13), cornet (2, 8, 9), piano (4), pump organ (11, 13), nylon guitar (13), MS-20 (1), organ pedal (3, 8, 13), electric toothbrush (11), percussion (6) and clapping (4, 5, 10).

Stuart Wheeler —

Vocals (2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13), trombone (2, 4, 6, 8), recorder (2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13) baritone guitar (2, 3, 4, 8, 12), nylon guitar (13), piano (3, 6), electric organ (3), MS-20 (2, 9, 11), organ pedal (4, 6), chimes (4), drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 12), drum machine (11), percussion (2, 5, 13), glockenspiel (2), guitar feedback (1) and clapping (4, 5, 10).

Additional vocals (8, 11) by Alex Vincent, Ally Nickell, Bly, Stuart and Ben.

Additional clapping (10) by Alex Vincent, Ally Nickell, Jasmine Stack, Bly, Stuart and Ben.

Processing and collaging of birdcalls (1) by Lexi Slovik.


Strings arranged by:

Stuart + Bly + Sophie (2)
Stuart + Sophie + Bly (5)
Stuart + Sophie (1, 6, 13)
Stuart + Bly (10, 12)
Stuart (3)

Horns arranged by:

Bly + Stuart (8, 9)
Stuart + Bly (2)
Stuart (4)

Woodwinds arranged by:

Stuart + Bly (2)
Stuart (4, 6, 10)

Vocals arranged by:

Stuart + Bly + Ben (3)
Ben + Bly + Stuart (13)
Stuart + Ben + Bly (5)
Bly + Stuart (1)
Stuart (10)

Choir arranged by:

Stuart (13)

Percussion arranged by:

Stuart (2)

Drum programming by:

Stuart (11)


Produced by Bly Wallentine, Stuart Wheeler and Ben Swisher at Studio Studio Dada in Provo, Utah.

Mastered by Nich Wilbur at The Unknown in Anacortes, Washington.


Art for singles and album was done by Madeline Rupard.

Generative font design based on my handwriting and other promotional art by Very Cool Studio.

Music video for Feather Tongue (1) by Jared Clark Gay and Jasmine Stack.

Upcoming bird simulator videogame for Person Mythology (6) by Luke Williams a.k.a. Luscho.

And music video for American Robin (3) by Jessica Li.


This album and everything listed above was first made possible by Song Club Records.

Additional funding for this album was made possible by the generous help of supporters from our kickstarter.


To everyone who helped make this album possible! And to anyone who still cares about the things I make with my friends. I am eternally grateful.


all rights reserved



Sen Wisher Provo, Utah

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